Hungarian Insignia

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Hungarian Insignia

Post by GeneralRubenski » 26 Jan 2019 04:02

Just a quick question, how come Hungary during ww2 has two different insignia? Whats the story and meaning behind these both?
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Re: Hungarian Insignia

Post by Peter89 » 27 Jan 2019 18:13

There were several (9) insignia in use and that goes only for the armoured units. :D

The colored version was the older one (from spring 1941, when Hungary officially entered the war), but it was the insignia only for the ground forces.

The air forces underwent a different evolution, you can read a lot here:

A decent summary about the Hungarian Armored Forces' insignias can be read here: ... -of-tanks/

On 16th November 1942 all of the Hungarian mechanized units (including aircrafts & armour) were uniformized to the white cross on black insignia.
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