Cernovoda RR bridge WW I

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Cernovoda RR bridge WW I

Post by James A Pratt III » 22 Jun 2019 16:40

In reading about the German Gotha Bombers in WW I they mention that KG 2 equipped with Gotha G IIIs destroyed the Cernovoda rail road bridge in late September 1916. This bridge AKA as the King Carol I or Anghel Saligny bridge completed in 1895 is massive. The largest bomb a Gotha carried was 300 KG. On 10 Aug 1941 during WW II the Soviets hit the bridge with a 250 kg bomb that did minor damage to it.
Did the Germans destroy the bridge in 1916? I believe the Rumanians or Russians blew up a span when they retreated during this period.

Was the bridge hit by bombs on other occations in WW I or II?

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