Thailand's official enemies during the Pacific War?

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Thailand's official enemies during the Pacific War?

Post by Sawpatin » 12 Jul 2019 13:17

I know that in 1942, under Japanese pressure, Thailand declared war on the USA and Britain. Were there any other nations during the Pacific War that Thailand officially classed as enemies?

For example, I'm a bit uncertain of their policy towards China, given that the Thai army did see action against Nationalist Chinese forces. Was there ever an official declaration of war between Thailand and Nationalist China? Or did they only recognize the Wang Jingwei regime as the only 'China', and thus never declare official war on the ROC?

Also, I'm assuming that Thailand's dow against Britain lead to all British Commonwealth nations being classed as enemies.

Since my question only refers to the Pacific War years (i.e. post-Dec. 7 1941), I am assuming that France was not viewed as an enemy, given that neighbouring Indochina was under Vichy control.

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Re: Thailand's official enemies during the Pacific War?

Post by DrG » 12 Jul 2019 18:09

As far as I know, after WW2 the only Governments with which Thailand signed a peace treaty, and therefore had been officially at war, were the British, Indian (under British rule) and Australian ones.

The treaty of Singapore was signed on 1 Janauary 1946 by Siam and the Governments of UK and India. No other Commonwealth governments are mentioned in the treaty.

The treaty of Bangkok was signed on 3 April 1946 by Siam and Australia.

Given that no other peace treaties were signed, I assume that Thailand was never officially at war with other Allied countries, an important exception being the USA. In fact, given Thailand's occupation by the Japanese, the US Government never acknowledged the Thai declaration of war, therefore no peace treaty was needed. Anyway, at least on the Thai point of view, the two countries had been officially at war.

I guess, as you do, that Thailand never declared war on Chungking China due to the fact that it recognized Nanking China.

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