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3/26/1941, Army to Investigate Mistreatment of Soldiers at Holsworthy Detention CampMap, Holsworthy Australia, Google

Model Prisons Benefit Soviet Gov't; Smiling Faces, Cell Doors Unlocked, Atmosphere of Goodwill, Excellent Food, 6/28/1930

3/26/1941, Dutch East Indies on Virtual War FootingWar Department Pocket Guide to Dutch East Indies, Ibiblio, HyperWar

3/26/1941, Churchill & Turkish President Send Goodwill Messages to Greece; U.S. Navy Transferring 20 Destroyers to Britain

3/26/1941, Portuguese Steamer Arrives at St. Vincent with 79 Survivors of Torpedoed British ShipsMap, St. Vincent, Google

3/26/1941, Reports from Detroit Indicate Seasonal Automobile Production Slackening Due to Defense Drive & Labor Problems

3/26/1941, U.S. Marines Patrol International Settlement in Shanghai Following Week of Unprecedented Terrorist Activities

Map, Shanghai China, Google3/26/1941, F.D.R.'s Rep. Returns from Far East with List of Chinese Needs in War with Japan

3/26/1941, F.D.R. Designates Defense Areas at Subic Bay & Kodiak IslandMap, Subic Bay, GoogleMap, Kodiak Isl., Google

3/26/1941, U.S. Accumulating Non-Refrigerated Foodstuffs for Shipment To Britain; Feds Completing Details of Food Aid

3/26/1941, Japanese Foreign Minister Mr. Matsuoka Leaves Moscow for Berlin; Japan May Want Neutrality Pact with Soviets

3/26/1941, Australian Vital Statistics Issued; 77,890 Marriages Last Year; Births (126,349) Reach "Replacement Rate"

3/26/1941, Dept. of Info from London Reports Upsurge of (Anti-Axis) Nationalism in Yugo Due to Pact with Hitler & Mussolini

3/26/1941, British & Indian Troops Close in on Italian-Held Keren in Wind-Swept East AfricaMap, Keren Eritrea, Google

3/26/1941, Japanese Troops Deploy to Ongoing Battles in Kwangtung Province ChinaMap, Kwangtung Province, Wikipedia

3/26/1941, Spring Training; Yanks Edge Dodgers in 11 as Pitching & Defense Prevail at St. PeteMap, St. Petersburg, Google


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3/26/1941, Yugoslav Riot Police Busy Breaking Up Countrywide Protests Against Axis Pact Signing; Hundreds Arrested

3/26/1941, Steady Stream of German Tourists & Agents Arrive in Algeria on Way to CasablancaMap, Casablanca, Google

3/26/1941, Anti-Axis Pamphlets Circulated Widely in Belgrade; Bloody Demonstrations Have Occurred in Montenegro

Map, Belgrade & Montenegro, Google3/26/1941, Yugoslav Ministers Avoided Anti-Axis Crowds on Way to Sign Axis Pact

3/26/1941; British Stretched Thin in Africa Without Seapower, but Empire Troops Still Nightmare for Mussolini's Dreams

3/26/1941, German Plane Bombs & Strafes Steamer Taubate off Port Said; Three Seamen WoundedMap, Port Said, Google

3/26/1941, Bands of Abyssinian Patriots Cut Off Italian Supply Road Linking Gondar & Asamra; Intense Fighting Near Keren

Map, Asmara Eritrea, GoogleMap, Gondar Ethiopia, GoogleMap, Keren Eritrea, Google … … Map, Balkans, Emerson Kent

3/26/1941, Berlin Reports "German African Corps" [Reinforced] Has Occupied El AgheilaSatellite View, El Agheila, Google

3/26/1941, Italian Assaults Stalled by Spirited Greeks in S. AlbaniaBattle of Hill 731, WikipediaMap, Hill 731, Google

Greeks Fiercely Resist Italian Invasion; British Seize Crete; Flaming Naval Battle Reported, 10/28/1940, Part 1 ... Part 2

Map, Crete, Google … … Mussilini & Hitler Meet in Florence, 10/28/1940, Part 1Part 2Map, Florence Italy, Google

3/26/1941, Thousands of Incendiaries Rain on Berlin from Large Force of British Bombers Flying Against Fierce Barrage

Waves of German Bombers Stage Marathon Raid on London; Numerous Fires; Damaged Planes Crash All About, 9/9/1940

3/26/1941, Brooklyn Manager Leo Durocher Nominates Promising Star Pete Reiser (Speed to Burn) to Play Centerfield

Reiser HR, but Cubs Sweep Brooklyn, 9/12/1940Dodger Casey Blanks Bucs then Wins Game Two in Relief, 9/13/1940


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3/26/1941, Spontaneous Anti-Axis Demonstrations Erupt Throughout Yugoslavia; Protesters Denounce Pact with Germany

3/26/1941, Upswing for Railroad Stocks Continues in Anticipation of Improving Finances (Southern Pacific Closed at 9.75)

Map, Southern Pacific Railroad, WikipediaPhoto, S. Pacific Locomotive, WikipediaPhoto, 1941 Locomotive, Wikipedia

3/26/1941, Bombardment by British Fleet May Force Italian Garrisons Off Dodecanese IslandsMap, Dodecanese, Wikipedia

3/26/1941, U.S. Office of Production Management Lists 12 Strikes Affecting National Defense (Totaling 62,550 Workers)

3/26/1941, State Police Battle Striking Picketers at Sprawling Bethlehem Steel PlantMap, Bethlehem Pa., Google

3/26/1941, Food Riots Break Out Across Syria Again; French Authorities Attempt to Isolate Damascus from Uprisings

Map, Damascus Syria, Google3/26/1941, U.S. Mass Production Methods Lead World; 2,000 Autos Daily at One Detroit Plant

3/26/1941, Germany Extends Blockade to Within Three Miles of Greenland; Berlin Decrees Iceland Within Combat Zone

Satellite View, Greenland, Google3/26/1941, British Meat Ration Reduced3/26/1941, Possible Blitz Routes in Balkans

3/26/1941, Japanese F.M. Matsuoka Arrives in Berlin for Talks with Three-Power (Axis) Pact & Receives Rousing Welcome

3/26/1941, Anti-Axis Demonstrators Clash Violently with Police in Streets of SarajevoMap, Sarajevo (Yugoslavia), Google

Heir to Austro-Hungarian Throne & Wife Assassinated in Sarajevo by Serbian with Nationalistic Motive, 6/29/1914

Anti-Serb Mob Rampages Through Sarajevo Wrecking Serb Property & Singing Austrian National Anthem, 6/30/1914

Austria Sends Ultimatum to Serbia; Russia Will Not Abandon Serbia, 7/25/1914Pacific Coast League Standings, 7/25/1914

Timely Relief Pitching in 9th by Hughes Strands Two Sacramento Runners in 5-3 L.A. Win, 7/25/1914, Part 1Part 2

Venice Maintains P.C.L. Lead by Edging Oakland 4-2 at L.A.; Harkness Goes Distance, 7/25/1914Map, Venice, Google

Seals Sweep Pair from Portland in S.F.; Higginbotham (Ordered Off Field in 5th of Opener) Loses Both Games, 7/25/1914

3/26/1941, British Sub Sturgeon Torpedoes & Sinks 10,000-Ton German Tanker Off Norway; German Planes Sink Four Ships


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3/26/1941, Moscow Hopes Anti-Axis Yugoslav Communists Will Impede German Advance Toward Turkish Straits & Ukraine

Map, Turkish Straits, GoogleMap, Yugoslavia, WikipediaMap, Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada, Google

3/26/1941, R.A.F. Wireless Operator Sgt. H.G. Loutes of Prince Albert (Stationed in England) K.I.A. During Air Operations

3/26/1941, Top Nazi Party Officials Greet Matsuoka's Arrival by Train in Berlin; Matsuoka Will Stay in Hitler's Guest House

3/26/1941, P.M. Mackenzie King Details Magnitude of Canada's Pledge to Contribute 44% of National Income to War Effort

3/26/1941, Draftee & Best 1940 Film Actor James Stewart Assigned to Air Corps; Stewart Holds Commercial Pilot's License

3/26/1941, Close Post-War Cooperation Between U.S. & Britain Would Be "Magnet" for Other Nations with Similar Views

3/26/1941, U.S. Army Infantry Contingent of 1,600 Men Will Bivouac in Bend Oregon During Move from S.F. to Fort Lewis

Map, Bend Oregon, Google7/26/1941, Budget for Deschutes County OregonMap, Fort Lewis Washington, Google

3/26/1941, Millionaire Gets $18 Weekly Working as Gas Station Attendant in TulsaMap, Tulsa Oklahoma, Google

3/26/1941, Plastics Research About to Bring Millions of Transparent Packages to Stores; Saves Aluminum for Defense

3/26/1941; National Basketball Committee Meeting Sat. in K.C. Will Look at Standardizing Balls, Baskets, Floors, Etc.

Map, Kansas City Missouri, Google3/26/1941, U.S. Office of Education Indicates Increase in Skilled-Trades Training

3/26/1941, K.C. Blues Nullify Mike Ryba's Six-Inning Gem at Sarasota; Red Sox Head for Miami Beach & then Havana Cuba

Map, Sarasota, Google [Ryba Spent 13 Years in Cards' Farm System]Map, Miami Beach, GoogleMap, Havana, Google

3/26/1941, Extension of War Zone to Iceland Meaningless Say British Sources; Germans Sink Everything They See Anyway

3/26/1941; Freighter Greystone Castle Two Weeks Overdue from Calcutta to England, 12 Passengers, Manganese Ore

3/26/1941, Listing of U.S. Naval Officers Issued Assignments; Lieut. Comdr. Samuel G. Fuqua to U.S.S. Arizona, Etc.

3/26/1941, Chrysler Motors Plans to Double Floor Space at Parts Depot in San LeandroMap, San Leandro Ca., Google


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