Falciu/Tiganca bridgehead fights, July 6th-15th, 1941

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Falciu/Tiganca bridgehead fights, July 6th-15th, 1941

Post by CNE503 » 13 May 2021 13:37


These fights were some of the heaviest between Romanian and Soviet units during the Bessarabian campaign in July 1941.
After the crossing of the Pruth river by Romanian Corpul 5 Armata's Divizia 1 Garda on July 2nd, 1941 in Falciu/Bogdanesti/Tiganca area, the battle raged for ten days when this division was joined by Divizia 21 Infanterie. Soviet counterstrikes were launched relentless against them while they tried to extend their small hold on the eastern bank of the Pruth.

At the end of the battle, Corpul 5 Armata had suffered around 8 700 losses (KIA, WIA, MIA), respectively 2 473 for the Divizia 1 Garda and 6 222 for the Divizia 21 Infanterie (one-third of its theoretical strength!).
Does anyone know what were the Soviet units involved and the losses suffered by Red Army during these fights?
For now, I identified:
- 95th Rifle Division;
- 150th Rifle Division;
- 2nd Cavalry Corps (especially 9th Cavalry Division);
- 218th Motorized Rifle Division;
- 14th Rifle Corps (25th and 51st Rifle Divisions).

Thank you!
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