Romanian losses in the Bessarabian campaign, 1941

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Romanian losses in the Bessarabian campaign, 1941

Post by CNE503 » 23 May 2021 09:03


Has anyone a source about the Romanian losses during the Bucovinian and Bessarabian campaign, in June-July 1941?
I'm especially looking for details, such as:
- the 3rd Army losses in Bucovina (fights for Cernauti and Hotin,July 2nd-8th, 1941);
- the 4th Army losses in southern Bessarabia (with the fights in Miclauseni, July 8th, and the Tiganca bridgehead ones, July 6th-15th);
- the Romanian losses under 11. Armee command in northern Bessarabia (I already have the XXX. Armeekorps ones, but what about the XI. and LIV. Armeekorps' Romanian units).

For the "static war" along the Pruth, I found 1,475 men lost (442 killed, 659 wounded and 374 missing) on

As an overall assessment for the June-July fights, I found 22,765 men lost (4,271 killed, 12,326 wounded and 6,168 missing) on, but I'd be glad to have at least a separate figure for northern Bucovina (3rd Army).

Thank you/multumesc!
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