What if Yugoslavia avoids its 1941 coup?

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What if Yugoslavia avoids its 1941 coup?

Post by Futurist » 17 Jun 2021 18:38

What if Yugoslavia would have avoided its 1941 coup where Prince Paul was overthrown and King Peter II was declared of age to rule? This would mean no Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, but would this have also had any effects on the subsequent Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union?

Yugoslavia itself would have been MUCH better off in this scenario, avoiding both the Holocaust and the mass murder of Serbs that occurred in Axis-allied Croatia during World War II in real life. I do wonder, though: Had the Soviet Union still survived Operation Barbarossa in this scenario, would Yugoslavia have still ended up under Communist rule after the end of World War II in this scenario, similar to the rest of its neighborhood? Bulgaria got invaded by the Soviet Union in 1944 in spite of it NOT waging war against the Soviet Union, after all. Could Yugoslavia have shared the same fate in this scenario? Also, would most Yugoslav Jews have subsequently immigrated to Israel and would Yugoslavia have still eventually broken up--possibly in an EXTREMELY bloody fashion--after the collapse of Communism in this scenario, as it did in real life?

Any thoughts on all of this?

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Re: What if Yugoslavia avoids its 1941 coup?

Post by David Thompson » 17 Jun 2021 20:06

"What ifs" are off-topic in the research sections of the forum; so this thread is locked.

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