Romanian 8 Infantry Regiment and forces SW of Vinnytsia, 10 January 1944

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Romanian 8 Infantry Regiment and forces SW of Vinnytsia, 10 January 1944

Post by sboyd2kus » 30 Jan 2022 01:35

In researching the battle at Zhmerynka, Ukraine that occurred on 10 Jan 44 in the run-up to Operation Watutin I came across the following information on the Romanian 8th Infantry Regiment and Sep. Btl 715. ... 71ID-R.htm
(Der Division wurde das rumän. IR 8 und das rumän. selbst. Btl 715 (beide Shmerinka) unterstellt. )
The division [German 371.ID] became subordinated to the Romanian IR 8 and the Romanian Separate Btl 715 (both at Zhhmerinka).
Likewise, the 5th Infantry Division [8. Inf Regt ‘Grigore Ghica’ was part of 5. Div] , which was stationed in Northern Trans-Dnestra [Transnistria] was put under the command of general Dumitrescu's 3rd Army.
The first two months of 1944 were calm in the sector held by the Romanian troops, the only notable actions being the anti-partisan operations carried out by the 5th Infantry Division and a detachment from the 14th Division (one battalion of the 6th Vanatori Regiment. The 14th Reconnaissance Group and a battery of the 24th Artillery Regiment) in Northern and central Trans-Dnestra.

I had not known that Romanian units had been operating in the area because most German and Russian sources omit their role. Sure enough, a little internet research validated that the 5th Infantry Division was in this area SW of Vinnytsia.

I have questions:
-Any OB, mission, and location information on Sep. Btl 715.

-Any OB and location information component battalions of 8 IR.; Did it have 2 or 3 inf battalions in Jan 1944?

-Any OB and location information on other 5 ID Regiments (9 IR, 32 IR) and missions – for example were they defending Stanislavchyk (town to South of Zhmer.) or Brailiv (town N of Zhmer.) or general defense of Vinniytsia, etc.

I know some of you know quite a bit about the Romanian armed forces and your help would be immensely helpful!

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