Hungarian fighters vs Soviet river ships

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Hungarian fighters vs Soviet river ships

Post by lupodimare89 » 18 Jun 2022 07:34

Greetings, some time ago i found an interest episode of Hungarian aircrafts: one Fiat CR.42 and one He-46 (serial F.315, pilot Jósef Tóth and observer László Csura) attacking one unidentified Soviet gunboat/monitor between Novaya Odessa and Nikolayev, reportedly close Pesky on 13 August 1941.
Apart claimed damage on the target, the He-46 was also quite heavily damaged by the aa return fire.

While at first i believed the case to remain minor/unresolved, i found with interest that two significant Soviet riverine warships operated in the area: the powerful monitor "Udarnyy" and the smaller but also famous "Zheleznyakov"

Here a fragment of Russian text
12 августа Дунайская флотилия прикрывала переправу 9-й армии через Варваровский мост вблизи Николаева и Ингульскую переправу у завода №61. С рассветом мониторы «Ударный» и «Железняков» с двумя отрядами бронекатеров спустились вниз и стали на якорь в районе села Матвеевка. В 5 часов утра монитор «Ударный» высадил у села Сливны 7-ю роту морской пехоты, после чего оба монитора заняли огневые позиции.

Problem it's that all the location mentioned in the Russian text are southern in position than the axis "Pesky"-Pisky /"Trihoty"-Trykhaty mentioned by Hungarians.

Could be interesting to single-out which ship was attacked by Hungarians
(Soviet sources doesn't mention significant damage on either ship on 12/13 August, still maybe some kind of light damage inflicted)

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