Hungarian bomber squadron numeric designations changes

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Hungarian bomber squadron numeric designations changes

Post by TISO » 23 Oct 2022 18:11

I need help with unit number designations changes for Caproni Ca.135bisU squadrons up untill attack on SSSR.
Initial units to which Ca.135bisU were sent were part of 3. Bomber regiment (3.Bombázóezredin) in bomber squadrons (Bombázószázad)
3./3 “Sárkány” squadron (Debrecen)
3./5 “Uz Bence” squadron (Debrecen)
3./6 “Boszorkány” squadron (Pápa)

What were the number designations of these Caproni Ca.135bis squadrons in June-July 1941?

I have a problem as these unit designations are used by most books even after the attack on the Soviet union (end of June 1941) after 2 reorganisations of Hungarian bomber force. For example designation 3./5 “Uz Bence” squadron still being used in practically all books during bombing raids even tough 3. Bomber regiment being already disbanded at the time.

In late 1940 Ca.135bis were started to be concentrated in 4./I bomber group which was done by the end of the 1940.

As far as i understand
In april 1941 all Ca.135bis were part of 4./I bomber group (4./II was equipped with Ju-86K-2) and before attack on SSSR (on 1st of June 1941), 3. Bomber regiment was disbanded and merged with 4. Bomber regiment as new 4./I (ex 3./I - Ju-86K-2) and 4./II (ex.3./II - Ju-86K-2) and previous groups were redesignated 4./III (ex. 4./I Ca.135bis) and 4./IV (ex. 4./II - Ju-86K-2).

So at time of the attack on SSSR bomber force should be:
4. Bomber Regiment (Debrecen):
4./I Group with Ju-86K-2 (27+9)
4./II Group with Ju-86K-2 (18+6)
4./III Group with Ca.135bisU (27+9)
4./IV Group with Ju-86K-2 (18+6)

I need the info to update my article on the Ca.135bisU in Hungarian Air Force on Britmodeller forum: ... air-force/

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