For Victor - "The Flying Dog"

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For Victor - "The Flying Dog"

Post by Ovidius » 26 Jul 2002 14:32

The only dog with flying license known until today is Gil. It was a small Terrier and belonged to Flight Lieutenant Ion Galea. It flew 35 sorties, stuffed behind the pilot, on IAR-80 and Me-109E. Its story could be the topic for a novel or a film by nothing lesser the Jack London's Micheal, Brother Of Jerry, or White Fang.
Source: Modelism, No. 2/2002

Ever heard of this story? :D



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Post by Victor » 26 Jul 2002 20:13

Yep, I also have the magazine. There were all kind of mascots. the commander of the 51st Squaron in 1941, cpt. Virgil "Lampa" Trandafirescu had a pet rooster.

Another interesting story is the one of the dog of the German liaison officer to the 5th Bomber Group in 1943. He lead a Ju-88A4 formation and was flying quite low. The ROmanian pilots kept telling him to climb, in order to be less exposed to the Soviet AAA, but he didn't. When they returnd to the airfield they found out why. His dog didn't have an oxygen mask and he could not reach higher altitudes for fear of not loosing him. So every time he had to lead a bomber formation into battle, his dog, "misteriously" disappeared.

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"The Flying Dog"

Post by DenesBernad » 29 Jul 2002 20:27

I'm not Victor, but I have something to add to the topic.
Mr. Galea's squadron mate and best friend, Horia Pop (I had a chance to meet them both) had also a pet dog, that often flew aboard Lt. Pop's Bf 109E. Other Rumanian pilots had pet dogs as well. Even a Rumanian Savoia bomber unit had a mascot, a large-body bird, similar to the bald eagle.

Large number of German, English and American (possibly Soviet and others, too) airmen had pet animals, which often flew with them.

One day, I should write a well-illustrated book on all these "flying pets" in WW2 :o)


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