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Post by Andy H » 23 Nov 2002 12:10

French volunteers also fought extremely bravely in divisions such as "Charlemagne" and earned praise from their German counterparts.French were among soldiers in last stand fighting in Berlin,and went down to the last bullet
One would have to wonder as to what their motives were-Since they had chossen the wrong side and had nothing left to live for since they had betrayed there country right or wrong.

:D Andy from the Shire

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been at the Jim Beam eh James?

Post by julian » 23 Nov 2002 12:15

Hi James,

Congratulations, you have certainly outdone yourself with your last post, what can one deduce from this bizarre statement:

'although these points are over julians head, they should be above the educated people out there.'

indeed, if your points are above the heads of both me and educated people, what segment do they reach? Idiot Savants? the mentally disturbed? Or how about this fine example of what you can accomplish writing half-tanked:

'the issue of japans assistance to germany can be simply put this way. if the usa had to send 15 percent to the pacific and there was more later, then it wasn not going to fight the germans.'

yes, indeed, what more is there to say, except , have you conviently forgotten about your deceit , eh James, when you falsely and deceitfully used my words, let me refresh your memory:

'If you think there was just a 'few hundred Allied planes' in the Pacific from 1941-45'

as you have choosen to ignore this, as you invariably do with any facts or arguments that prove to be inconvient, let me remind you of what I really wrote:

'and that the Uboat threat had resided by 1942-1943, and while the allied airforces might have benefited from the addition of a few hundreds more planes(though it is hard to see where the aircraft carrier would have proved overly useful), the early entry of Japan by bringing the other superpower, U.S, to join the Soviet Union in pounding on the gates of Germany, was certainly no great benefit. '

ah, yes, the man whose arguments are so feeble that he resorts to deceit to vainly win a point, pathetic really.
But tell me James, I don't really believe you wrote the last post, it's even below the mediocre standard of your usual posts, did you hire a five year old ghost writer in your frustration?



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Post by Marcus » 23 Nov 2002 12:39

This thread only continues downhill so I'm closing it.

Julian & JLEES, there is definately no need for that attitude so drop it if you have any interest in contuning to post here.


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