Bulgarian Generals

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Re: Bulgarian Generals

Post by dibo » 13 Sep 2020 22:20

AJK wrote:
15 Aug 2020 00:55
Can someone please provide the precise dates of command held by General Nikola Zhekov during 1914 - 1915:

1914 - May 1915: Deputy Chief of the Army General Staff
May 1915 - 6 Jul 1915: Commander, 8th Infantry Division


Precise I don't have, but
08.1913-07.1914: Chief of staff Occupational Force of Eastern Thrace
07.1914-05.1915: Deputy Chief of the Army General Staff
05.1915-06.1915: Commander, 8th Infantry Division
06.1915-07.1915: Military advisor to the delegation negotiating with the Ottoman empire in Istanbul (nominally still in command of 8th division?)
05.08.1915: Minister of War

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Re: Bulgarian Generals

Post by AJK » 14 Sep 2020 02:06

Thank you, Dibo, for your informative reply.



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Re: Bulgarian Generals

Post by taurus » 14 Aug 2022 11:41

Interested in the topic. The first book with biographies of Bulgarian generals 1876-1945 was published.
Тодор Петров, Соня Пенкова "Българските генерали 1878-1946. С достойнство и чест" 2021, 220 p.
The first book in the series contains biographical data on the life path and activities of 125 commanders of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. The emphasis is on their participation in the construction of the Bulgarian army and in the five wars in which Bulgaria participated in the period 1878-1946.

The entire series will cover the names of over 500 Bulgarian generals, part of Bulgaria's military history from the Liberation to its proclamation as a People's Republic.

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