Best Places That Sell German Reversible Parkas?

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Best Places That Sell German Reversible Parkas?

Postby Hardsequencer » 12 Jun 2018 01:25

Hi, I've been looking for a German WW2 reversible parka that's in tan and water camo (like in the picture below), however all of the websites that I looked through seem to have bad reviews or the sizes are too small or the parka is out of stock. For my size, I'd just need the sleeve length to be 28 inches long. Does anyone know of any places that may sell quality parkas like this?


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Re: Best Places That Sell German Reversible Parkas?

Postby fusilier1944 » 14 Jun 2018 00:58

I really like my At The Front reversible splinter parka and trousers. They now offer marsh pattern in jackets and trousers. I just measured my Size II parka and from the nape to cuff (apparently that’s how you measure sleeve length) it measures 34 inches. I intentionally shrunk mine in the wash. They claim 1” shrinkage but I didn’t measure before I shrunk it. Hope this helps. Good luck in your search!

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