Erste Weltkrieg Sturmgepack?

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Post by jugendkrieger » 31 Dec 2007 19:05

:D We shall see. No games at the present, but gap is nigh.


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Post by Dare Furor » 31 Dec 2007 19:16

Du bist mein Held! :lol:

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Post by Grabenkater » 31 Dec 2007 23:17

There are several methods you can use for the WW1 Sturmgepack as there was no offical method as far as I am aware of.

The reason breadbag straps were used is because Y-Straps were not commonly issued to infantry. I have seem methods that use up to 4 breadbag straps. I will take a look in my WW1 resources to see if I have a diagram on creating these with other styles.

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Post by jbaum » 22 Nov 2016 00:25

nihil wrote:And for those who do not speak (nor read) german, the nice fellow at should have an english translation done sometimes in 2008.

The best way is of course to get an german reibert and learn the language :)
The 1943 Reibert is indeed translated to English and available at:

It is two or three screens from the bottom of the page.
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