Who Makes the Best Lowboots?

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Re: Who Makes the Best Lowboots?

Post by Panzerbusche » 04 May 2012 01:21

Does anyone know what kind of rope shoelaces was used during WW2? I got a piar of Berger lowboots but the leather laces snapped and I would like to get some rope laces that look authentic and can take some abuse

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Re: Who Makes the Best Lowboots?

Post by AdmiralDonutz » 05 Mar 2017 19:26

Has anyone looked at Kelleys Military Low boots?

http://www.kelsmilitary.com/PROD.html?P ... de=GFW-001

They seem to be good quality and people have been recommending them.

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Re: Who Makes the Best Lowboots?

Post by Y Ddraig Goch » 02 Jun 2017 10:58

Hello, there is a review on YouTube which is quite helpful
https://youtu.be/bp50sBs2Zc4 just type in German lowboots

I'm not sure if it matters what country they are sent from but Richard Underwood is based in the UK and has only just stocked up on new items including Jackboots and Lowboots. http://www.richardaunderwood.com/catego ... /footwear/

I'm thinking about getting boots from Lederarsenal.com http://www.lederarsenal.com/en/pages/pr ... otwear.php

At The Front have a end of run sale on and their lowboots are $69.99 on sale from $199.99, size UK 9 (US 10?) is sold out however. http://www.atthefrontshop.com/category_s/260.htm

Hope this helps.

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