airsoft ww2 re-enactment

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airsoft ww2 re-enactment

Post by Neckoil » 23 Feb 2003 12:17

hi to all on the forum, i am an airsofter with the main interest in re-enactment of ww2 scenarios. we aim primarily to promote greater understanding of the tactical and social aspects of the war from the soldiers view.
i will over time be asking many questions of you all, and really look forward to getting your best info's on the many subjects i will raise.
i have also posted in wanted/for sale of my wish to collect repo and genuine uniforms, so feel free to contact me either to initiate or reply to all and any matters.

you have my thanks in advance. Neckoil.

p.s. i personaly am doing this from the aspect of the heer/SS/fallschirmjaeger, and others who may come to light here will be playing from the allied viewpoint.

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