German Sniper mounts???

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German Sniper mounts???

Postby JACK-BOOT » 30 Jul 2012 18:39

Hello i recently purchased an antique WFW 6x42 german scope. Its in great condition and the optics are crystal clear, i would like to mount it to my k98 but the problem is what mount do i use??? I know germans used many mounts, such as claw, high turret, low turret, side mounts...ect. Which ones are the most historicaly accurate and most used during ww2 by the germans??? I figure id ask you guys rather then buy a $50 dollar book....honestly im gonna buy the book any way (german sniper 1914-1945) :milwink: . As for the mounts i would really like some help because the mounts are not cheap and id hate to get an historicaly inaccurate one. So your Tips, opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated. :milsmile:

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