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Post by Mowggs » 21 Jun 2013 20:09

So I've really got stuck in with the whole WW1 German militaria collecting for my reenactor set.I've had a lot of confusion over the Imperial German field cap. Allow me to explain: I wanted an accurate repro of a WW1 German feldmutze and wanted it tall like they should be, but I kept finding caps that looked like berets. I then find that the tall, pillbox shape cap I'm after is a Krätzchen? I was wondering if anyone here could clarify the differences between a Krätzchen and a Feldmutze please, or are they the same thing?

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Re: Krätzchen/Felmutze??

Post by Deutsche_Wehrmacat » 25 Nov 2020 10:18

They're the same thing, no differences.

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