Where To Buy The Best Reproduction Clothing and Equipment

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Where To Buy The Best Reproduction Clothing and Equipment

Post by Y Ddraig Goch » 02 Jul 2017 19:30

Hi guys, I'm gathering together gear for a German impression for reenactment and want to know if anyone has recently bought reproduction tunics and would like to know their opinions on them. At the moment I am between choosing between Richard Underwood and ATF.

Has anyone bought from Vincent's Equipment? I've heard his reproduction leather equipment is next to none or Lederarsenal for boots?

Also if you have recent purchases of the following if you could recommend places to buy the following:-

1). Water bottles and covers
2). Mess tins
3). Bread bags
4). Belts, Zeltbahn straps, Y-straps etc
5). Belt buckles
6). Jackboots
7). Low boots
8). Gaiters

I wear an impression for Airsoft and have a few things like the Sumpfmuster trousers that I know wouldn't stand muster in Reenacting.

At the moment I have the following:-

Sumpfmuster 43 smock. ATF
Sumpfmuster 44 smock. Panther Store
Sumpfmuster 44 trousers. Panther Store
Splinter winter Parka and trousers. ATF
Zeltbahn. ATF
Torque. ATF
V-neck jumper. ATF
Original gas mask and tin. SOF
Y-Straps. SOF
Belt. SOF
Buckle. SOF
Bread bag. SOF
Splinter helmet cover. Richard Underwood
Sumpfmuster 44 helmet cover. Panther Store
Original folding shovel. SOF
Shovel cover. SOF
Woollen gloves. SOF

/ Mike

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