Waffen-SS Reenactment.

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Waffen-SS Reenactment.

Postby KeepStatusQuo » 17 Oct 2017 23:46

Hello all,
I was wondering what would be required to pull a British Free Corps look with gear from the website epicmilitaria.com. I have a list that believe is all I need but then again, i do not know much in this region and am pretty much eyeballing it from the limited amount of pictures. So far I have selected:
WW2 German Waffen M43 Uniform Bundle
- M43 Waffen Tunic
- M43 Trousers
- Field Shirt
- German Army M43 Field Cap
- German EM Heer/Soldier Black Leather Belt
- Waffen SS EM Belt Buckle - Silver

SS Cap Insignia
- SS Cap Eagle (EM/NCO)-grey woven
- SS Cap Skull (EM/NCO) - grey woven

Tunic Insignia
- British Free Corps EM Cuff Titile
- British Free Corps Volunteer Shield
- SS Arm Eagle - grey thread
- Army Obergefreiter Rank Chevron - Silver/Field Grey

Accessories/Personal Items
- Waffen SS HBT Dot Peas Helmet Cover - Type 2
- Tunic Belt Support Hook - Black (x4)
- German SS Soldbuch
- German Army Dog Tag - WW2 Repro
- WW2 German Numbered General Assault Badge - 25

I know that I have not included Field gear, and that is because I know what I need for that.

If there is anything you think that I do not need or need to add to my list, please tell me. All thoughts are welcomed.

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Re: Waffen-SS Reenactment.

Postby Y Ddraig Goch » 29 Oct 2017 18:11

Hi, it isn't worth posting anything reenactment related here as it is relatively dead. I've toyed with the idea also, are you going to make it a field impression also?
/ Mike

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