Dienstglas parts

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Dienstglas parts

Post by Angus1235 » 05 Jun 2018 06:47

I require help finding some possibly scarce or hard to find pieces for a heer reenactment uniform I am putting together, specifically for the binoculars.

I found a pair of binoculars that are nearly identical to 6x30 dienstglas, even down to the screw placement, however a few minor details are different (such as a large "JAPAN" painted on the front of the hinge), and I am looking for reproduction parts, or at least identical ones from other civilian or postwar binoculars to replace them with, to make the impression more accurate.

The parts i am after, are the caps on the eyepieces, and the cap for the central axis.


In addition, I am searching to find a reproduction case, preferably leather, as I'd rather not expose an original to the elements whilst reenacting, or during general outdoor use.
Searching for Truppenfahrrad parts: Torpedo coaster brake parts, Union-werke headlight, truppenfahrrad handlebars, Torpedo front wheel hub.

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