Repro Schießbecher and blanks

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Repro Schießbecher and blanks

Post by Frayed Knot » 25 Jun 2018 17:40

Hello everyone,

Bear with me as this is my first post after lurking for some time. I recently decided to expand my kit to include a reproduction Schießbecher and the appropriate gear for it. The launcher and the pouches seem easy enough to acquire, (the manufacturer states that its made of 4140 stress proof steel and that its an exact reproduction based on reverse engineered examples, but its a display item to never be used :wink: ) but the real issue ive run into is acquiring the blanks.
As many of you know, original rounds for the launchers were made with wooden tipped bullets to assist with propelling the grenades, but i would like to know what you grenadiers use for propelling hard inert projectiles for fun at the range, and for soft foam projectiles for use during events (dont get your panties in a bunch, i wont use anything i wouldnt shoot at myself, probably a thin dowel covered in about a half inch of foam on either side, and only at approved events)
I know that there is supposed to be a difference between blanks specifically designed for launching and blanks for ceremony, something about the powder. Ive heard that you arent supposed to use one for the other and vice versa, but i dont know if thats just a meaningless caution or a legitimate cause for concern.

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Re: Repro Schießbecher and blanks

Post by WilliamDS » 01 Jul 2018 10:42

Grenade launching cartridges are a much higher pressure load than the standard reenacting blank. They also often have a bit of black powder mixed in. You can use standard blanks to launch the grenade no problem, it just won't fly nearly as far. The wood bullets were apparently for arming the fuze by impact (?) and are not necessary or wanted for your purpose.

However, NEVER use the grenade launching cartridge in a blank adapted firearm. With the restricted bore (blank adapter won't get out of the way like a loose projectile will) you can cause severe damage to your firearm, and possibly to yourself. I assume you are going to be using it on a K98 and so should not have a blank adapter to worry about.

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