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Post by wolfchile » 20 Mar 2019 19:08

Hi Guys
I wanted to ask if anyone has had a bad exp with I know there are some very old posts so thought I would start new thread.

I recently purchased a Waffenrock uniform from them. I was dealing with a guy called Sanjay who was answering emails etc. To say it was of a quality you might find in a fancy dress shop would be being generous! It wasn't made in gaberdine as stated it was a very thin material in light grey the kind of material you would make slacks out of. It came with riding breeches instead of straight leg trousers as ordered. I told him I had my own insignia to have sewn on but he ignored this and what he put on was wrong type and sewn on incorrectly, the silver braid on the collar was applied upside down and the braid on cuffs incomplete. The collar had no stiffener in it and the internal stiffening and liner were substandard. It was absolute bag of shite. I had paid via paypal but cant get refund as it is classed as custom made' because he asked for my sizing. The size was fine it is the rest of thing that is totally substandard. Never seen anything look so bad. I emailed him to return it. Of course now he wont respond :oops:

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