Oakleaf A Spring Parka Vendors

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Oakleaf A Spring Parka Vendors

Post by JMDcpn » 13 Apr 2019 12:44


Please note first of all that I am not into re-enactment. If you think this should be put in a different section, feel free to contact a moderator to have it reclassified in the appropriate section.
With that out of the way, I've considered to buy a Waffen SS parka, particularly, the Oakleaf A Spring version. I thought about buying the one from Spearhead Militaria on this link:

http://www.godarsinc.com/ww2-german-spr ... p-688.html

My questions are:
Can this company be recommended? Is the quality of their camouflage good? And does their parka work on really cold temperatures? If it's not recommendable, can you recommend some other vendors who has high quality Oakleaf A Spring parka?
And Spearhead MIlitaria seems to be inactive these last few years, and I've sent a message to them last week and they haven't replied. In another note, I've seen the SMWholeSaleUSA Oakleaf Spring parka but their price seems a bit high and the lighting of the 'leaf' on the camouflage seems different from what you typically see. What do you think?

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