Help needed with first SS uniform size and fit

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Help needed with first SS uniform size and fit

Post by DerFreiKorpMann » 04 Jan 2020 17:20

So I'm a pretty skinny guy and everywhere I look online their smallest size has a 40 inch chest, and I only have at the most, 34. Their shoulder-to-wrist is also around 23 whereas mine is 21.

Should I suck it up and get their smallest one or should I get one custom-tailored for my frame? Would I look like a kid wearing their dad's suit if I did? If I were to get one custom-tailored, how much extra inches should I put into the chest, for allowance-sake and to make the uniform look good?

Also, if my trousers turn out to be an inch or two too big, how would i go about modifying/tailoring them?
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Re: Help needed with first SS uniform size and fit

Post by fusilier1944 » 07 Jan 2020 02:02

The standard sizing for repro uniforms these days is catered towards the stereotypical American reenactor. I also where a smaller size uniform, between a 36 & 38. I recently ordered a semi-custom M36 from Schuster. (Hasn’t come yet). They have standard sizes of chest but also take into account your height. For $130 I have a better chance getting a properly fitting tunic compared to Sturm or Gavin or Hessen. Unfortunately At The Front is out is wool uniforms. Schuster also does full tailoring on request and should be better priced than a perfect custom job from the likes of Elsenau.

Getting a properly sized tunic can make a huge difference in how your impression develops. Have to look and feel the part to an extent. What has your unit said? They should assign you an Alte Hase or Authenticy Officer who can give you proper direction so you don’t waste money. Buy once, cry once so to speak.

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