Problems with IMA-USA Finnish M40

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Problems with IMA-USA Finnish M40

Post by DerFreiKorpMann » 03 Apr 2020 00:35

So I learnt through some Youtube reenactors that they got Finnish contract M40's and converted them to almost original helmets. Bought a size 58cm liner from them and a size 58cm helmet (they measure the liner size for the helmet, not the shell size). Only after removing the rivets and the filling in the additional holes did I find out that the liner does not fit (Weeks after I got the product, and I still won't be able to return it).

Bought another size 58cm, specifying to make sure their size 58cm liner fits in the shell. Well, it doesn't and good thing I didn't dismantle this one. Going to send it this week for a refund.

Bought ANOTHER one, but this time size 59cm, looks big enough, remove the liner, test fit the replacement liner . . . and it doesn't fit either. I specifically told them to see if their 58cm liner would fit on this and it didn't. I can't buy a size 56cm liner either because 58cm's the smallest that would fit on my head.

So now I have 2 Finnish shells and their liners, and no helmet for reenactment
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