Good leather finishers to seal in dyed boots?

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Good leather finishers to seal in dyed boots?

Post by DerFreiKorpMann » 20 Apr 2020 15:00

I've just dyed by boots and they keep rubbing off on my Gamaschen and trousers. Fiebings Resolene is not available in my country and it would take around 3 months for it to get here, but I want to keep wearing-in my boots.

What brands of leather finishers have worked for you? Is Angelus Leather Finisher good for the boots for our purpose?
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Re: Good leather finishers to seal in dyed boots?

Post by fusilier1944 » 20 Apr 2020 23:39

Is Sno-Seal available? I treat my jackboots and modern leather boots with it yearly. It’s beeswax based and provides a water resistant finish while sealing the leather. Just needs a some heat to smooth it out and allow it to penetrate. If used on suede you have to brush afterwards to get the nap back.

Similar products are available like Aquaseal or Red Wing’s NaturSeal.

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