Trip to old border Poland-Danzig from 1939

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Trip to old border Poland-Danzig from 1939

Post by Ponury » 07 Feb 2021 18:59

Yesterday we went to Gdynia-Bernadowo to take a closer look at this section of the former Polish-Free City of Danzig border 1920-1939 (today Gdansk in northern Poland). Frost does not make us warm and pleasantly by the fire and a delicate, yet effective dose of all kinds of alcohol. There was no end to discussions, comments, polemics, etc. Slawek's friend password: Gentlemen, see the map! and it turned out at some point that we were starting to err. We managed to get back on track again. In the background our heroes of 1939, the sites of the people of Colonel Dąbek, discussions on how to pass such interesting stories to the young generation.

Pandemic a pandemic, meetings in 3-4 people are cool, you need a little break from the hardships of everyday life. What I hereby recommend to the Historical-Exploration Brothers!
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