Fallschirmjager Pioneers

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Fallschirmjager Pioneers

Post by Stefan1423 » 01 Apr 2022 12:07

Good day to all,

I have a question regarding a particular/uncommon impression which I am having some trouble building;

Personally, I re-enact a 1942+ FJ Impression, usually centred around Italy/North Africa, and sometimes Crete or the Balkans in general, and lately I have developed an interest in Fallschirmjager Assault Pioneers.

When viewing supposed pictures of said Pioneers, I never notice anything different in regards of equipment, except the obvious entrenching tools and heavy weapons, such as Flammenwerfers and Mines.
My main question is if they carried normal Pioneer equipment such as the Assault Pack on the field, maybe when they were glided in or when they were used as Field Troops.

If anyone could help me with some information regarding this particular topic, it would be greatly appreciated!

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