WW2 Reenacting Events

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Rotwang M
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WW2 Reenacting Events

Post by Rotwang M » 09 May 2022 13:43

Many of us are WW2 historical reenactors besides being collectors of German field telephone equipment. Personally, I do impression of a WW2 German switchboard operator.

To do this impression I set up a switchboard exchange, several field telephones, an abspannbock, and a baukarren, complete with a backpack, tools, and wire spools. I mark the exchange with an “F” flag. The exchange is wired into the field telephones and is fully operational.



When event attendees stop by, I explain how the telephone equipment worked, the dangers involved in establishing field telephone service on the battlefield. and how field telephones were used by German soldiers. Attendees are amazed that most of the equipment was actually used in WW2 and that it is still fully functional. As part of my presentation, I let attendees use the field telephones to call and speak to each other. They enjoy themselves and walk away having learned something. That makes it worthwhile.


All too often, reenactors lug telephone and radio equipment to events and pile it up on tables in unconnected static display. To make matters worse, few reenactors explain to the attendees what they are looking at, its relevance, and how it worked. Attendees look at the pile of unconnected stuff and walk away clueless about what they just saw. What’s the point?

If you are going to do a Nachrichtentruppe impression, then learn about the equipment and how it was used. At events, connect it up and get it working. Instruct attendees when they visit your display. Let them use the equipment. It’s robust and won’t break. They will have fun and learn something. Your participation in the event will be more rewarding.

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Re: WW2 Reenacting Events

Post by DarkWind » 25 Oct 2022 20:24

Hi Rotwang,

Since looking into Wehrmacht communications methods, I've been surprised to find a few Nachrichten, either what appear to be individual assignments within a unit or even reenacted Nachrichten units.

Are you aware of any larger exercises to test communications over larger distances? Having units speak to each other from geographically distant locations would be a hoot! Especially during tactical events.

It seems that units could do theoretically this with a FF33, Amtsanschiesser 33, tone to pulse converter and a mobile or POTS. Even without a dedicated Nachrich soldat, even the smallest reenactment groups would have communications with other units. Further adding to the experience.


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