Best m43 cap on the market?

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Best m43 cap on the market?

Post by Jawol » 04 Feb 2023 10:02

So far, I’m blown away with SM wholesale. They are like the Janke of random German reproduction items. All the materials are correct for their items, in addition to the visuals being accurate. For example, their ss cap Eagle is made using plated copper then painted silver , which was to my understanding the material used for war time badges along with a zinc alloy. Aluminum was a pre war material , so they’re bang on on their reproductions.

I love their 100$ m43s which are custom made and not like the erel made ones which are mass produced.

I have an issue with the color of their m43 however, it seems too dark and not like anything that matches m43 uniforms I’ve seen. Is this an issue with their caps? Attached are pics of erels m43 and SM wholesales m43,

Does anyone know which is for sure better, and if the color issue is a problem with SM’s?
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