11th Panzer Division

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11th Panzer Division

Post by AdolfDettmer » 04 Dec 2003 02:30

Does anyone have any info on the reenacting unit the 11th Panzer Division out of Chicago, I believe the one with the Hetzer? I cannot locate their website.

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11th panzer

Post by Coy-Teufel » 11 Dec 2003 03:32

The 11th had split up in the early 90's. And out of that the 2nd panzer was born. The unit that still holds the HRS charter on the 11th ,had changed its name to the 353rd Infantry Division.

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Post by Dunkirchen1940 » 12 Dec 2003 01:15

My dad was once part of the Reenacting group 110th Panzergrenadiers, 11th Regiment. His name is Jeff Bandow if that rings a bell. He was in it from the early 80's to early 90's, under command of George Krupa.

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Unki Hans
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11Pz. Div.

Post by Unki Hans » 13 Dec 2003 20:54

And the 110th. was of the 11th. who begat the 2nd. who spun off the 116th. and the 4th. Gebirgs. and field police as well. We looked upon it and it was good.
I started reenacting with the 110th. under Kruppa. Spent good years in the 2nd. and now do the 4th. Gb.
There is a wide variety of units in the midwest that accomodate most areas of interest in reeenacting WW2.
Unki Hans. :wink:
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