Ft. Indiantown Gap event?

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Ft. Indiantown Gap event?

Post by Siegfried Wilhelm » 23 Dec 2003 19:46

Hullo all
Whenever the Battle of the Bulge at Fort Indiantown Gap is brought up on one of these boards, there always seems to be a number of very strong opinions, and each one seems to see the battle from a very narrow front.
I am trying to get an over-all picture of the good and bad parts of this event in the hopes that we might be able to point those items that could be better in order to make FIG a better event. I am not on the FIG Staff; all I am going to do is try to collect this feedback and pass it on to those who will be running the event next year.
First, some ground rules:
Please answer with PERSONAL observations, not something that starts “Well I heard that…” such and such happened. Also, if you’ve never been to FIG, please refrain from posting. There are lots of rumours and stories about FIG, and I’d like to try to avoid having them restated here… what I’m really looking for is personal observations.
Please be specific as to what you liked about the event, what you didn’t like, and what you think could be made better. Please do not post a note that says you liked or hated some part of the event unless you also put down why you liked or hated that part.
Please try to separate the Tactical part of the event for the event itself, and if your unit doesn’t go out for the tactical, put that down.
I would also like to ask that you get back to me after this year’s FIG, as the Staff is already working on some changes that will hopefully improve the Tactical portion of the event.
I know I’m asking for a lot of information, but I’d appreciate the feedback… and hopefully it will go towards making a better event. If you want to contact me directly, my email is [email protected]
I’ll post the results at the Federation Website Forum

Thanks a lot,

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