The german reenacting groups...

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The german reenacting groups...

Post by panzerIV » 28 Jan 2004 19:53

I know that swastikas and so on are strictly banned in Germany so must the Reenacting groups in Germany have some sort of deal with the Government?

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Post by voorst » 29 Jan 2004 14:26

German reenactors definitely don't wear uniforms in public.
They must go out of Germany for reenacting, so the problems are related to the country in which they are.

Carrying uniforms is sometimes made with little piece of paper over Swastika itself.

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Post by Supremacy » 03 Feb 2004 12:50

Well as i know there aren´t many well known reenacting groups here in germany. The public opinion about that is that most people think they are some kind of "Wehrsportgruppen". Such groups are banned here.
Maybe they go to the countries in the near perimeter, like Poland or Holland.

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