Subject Sieg des Glaubens [Victory of Faith]...

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Subject Sieg des Glaubens [Victory of Faith]...

Post by JamesKLambert » 06 Dec 2002 02:03

have you seen it? What do you know about it?

Sieg des Glaubens [Victory of Faith] was Leni Riefenstahl's first Nazi Party film. It was shot at the 1933 Nuremberg Rally, when Hitler was Chancellor but not yet President. Most people (even film people and WW II buffs) have not seen this and a great many historical resources claim that the film does not exist but I know that it does. What I have been trying to determine is WHY this film has never made its way into the general public, the way that all of Riefenstahl's other film have (Nazi or otherwise). If you have any knowledge or thoughts on the subject please let me know!


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