FHQ never used or visited by Hitler

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Re: FHQ never used or visited by Hitler

Post by Makarov » 07 Jun 2019 06:33

As so many times before, Greg has come to my rescue again :-) Excellent photos and more to see than I expected. As you say, the article doesn't reveal the exact location but it certainly narrowed it down. Sometime a photo can reveal something, a chimney, a lake/pond, a building that can help you on the way but I couldn't find any such thing this time, however, great photos and the bunker is in better shape than I expected. Thank's :thumbsup:

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Re: FHQ never used or visited by Hitler

Post by Zirran » 11 Jun 2019 11:04

I once read about a bunker to be used by Hitler after the initial opening phase of Operation Sealion. Located somewhere in the Pas-de-Calais area. Apparently the bunker is now used as a mushroom farm. Can't for the life of me remember where I read it though.

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Re: FHQ never used or visited by Hitler

Post by matr » 14 Feb 2020 21:38

Hello everyone tell us if anyone else has information about the FHQ Olga and FHQ Bärenhöhle. I am from Smolensk and am currently collecting information on all the objects of the complex FHQ Bärenhöhle built by TODT in Smolensk. And plans to visit FHQ Olga and FHQ near the city Pskov

here is 1 of the objects I don't understand. perhaps diesel generators and this is an underground (1.5 meters deep) tank for storing fuel. what is ahead is the basis for the generator itself. external dimensions of the container in the diagram. Is it possible for water? have you met something like this?
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