Piano music played by German

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Piano music played by German

Post by tdh10 » 24 Sep 2018 06:32

Say a Wehrmacht soldier can play a piano and has the opportunity to do so, say in a Brauhaus or Biergarten sort of setting.

What kind of music would he typically be able to play?
And what kind of music would be suitable for that environment?

I do living history, and whenever I'm in character and playing for spectators I'm a little unsure about what kind of music I should be playing.
I'm hoping to find some enlightenment with you kind folks.

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Re: Piano music played by German

Post by ManfredV » 24 Sep 2018 07:27

Music played an important role in middle and upper class families, so many Germans played instruments like piano, violin, flute etc.
Others from "lower class" or countryside played guitar, zitter, trumpet etc.
In a Biergarten or Brauhaus he would have played popular music and folk music, maybe also some "Soldatenlieder". And it depends from which region he was and what kind of "Volksmusik" they used to have there.
"Veronika der Lenz ist da", "Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus", "Lilly Marleen", but also "Wenn die Bettelleute tanzen", "In einem kühlen Grunde", "Heißa Kathreinerle" etc.
Not really suitable for Biergarten, but as a well educated man from a "bürgerliches Elternhaus" he played Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Schuhmann etc.
"Für Elise" or "Die Wut über den verlorenen Groschen" would also fit in a Biergarten.

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Re: Piano music played by German

Post by David Thompson » 24 Sep 2018 17:51

See viewtopic.php?f=81&t=222691 for the same question, posted earlier with identical wording. AHF has a policy against this sort of thing, tdh10. Don't repeat this mistake.

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