Racial pride and racial suprpemacy

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Racial pride and racial suprpemacy

Post by Lamarck » 27 Sep 2018 17:27

I'm interested to know whether the average German felt supremacy over the Jews and other racial enemies or just pride in being a German. Or, was it a combination of both?

Germans were required to prove their "Aryan" ancestry and one of the ways to achieve this was to obtain an Aryan Certificate, the document stated:
In line with national socialist thinking which does full justice to all other peoples, there is never the expression of superior or inferior, but alien racial admixtures.
Dem Denken des Nationalsozialismus entsprechend, jedem anderen Volke volle Gerechtigkeit widerfahren zu lassen, ist dabei niemals von höher- oder minderwertigen, sondern stets nur von fremden Rasseneinschlägen die Rede.
Horst Seidler, Andreas Rett, Das Reichssippenamt entscheidet: Rassenbiologie im Nationalsozialismus, p. 80.

According to Walter Gross, the National Socialist thought with regards to the different races was:
We appreciate the fact that those of another race are different from us. This scientific truth is the basis, the justification and, at the same time, the obligation of every racial policy without which a restoration of Europe in our day is no longer practicable. Whether that other race is "better" or "worse" is not possible for us to judge. For this would demand that we transcend our own racial limitations for the duration of the verdict and take on a superhuman, even divine, attitude from which alone an "impersonal" verdict could be formed on the value or lack of such of the many living forms of inexhaustible Nature. But we of all people are too conscious of the inseparable ties of the blood and our own race to attempt to aspire to such an ultra-racial standpoint, even in the abstract.

Walter Gross told the German women:
Believe me, my dear German fellow citizens, it is not true, as some say, that this doctrine is a sign of arrogance or superiority or boasting. We do not think ourselves better than the other races on the earth. No, we do not think ourselves better, nor do we believe that others are worse than we are. We insist only on one thing — a law established by the Creator himself.

The others may not be better or worse, but they are different than we are, and because they are different than we are, there is a kind of wall between us that is part of the laws of life. That is the core of National Socialism’s racial thinking. Our goal is not to insult others, to say: “What a great guy I am!” Rather, we hold to the humble recognition that each healthy piece of life has its corner of the world, and its special tasks. This is just as true of humans as it is of plants and animals in all their multiplicity. We know that one type is no more valuable than another. But we also know that each variety of life has a right to existence only as long as it keeps itself pure and strong. Only when a tree bears the proper fruit does it have a right to live. Otherwise it will be cut down and destroyed. We do not know why things are the way they are, and it would be foolish to ask the reason. That is how things are. Our task is to humbly accept the laws that govern our human existence, and to accept the fact that we are born Germans in Germany, not as Chinese or Eskimos. That is not because of our virtues, nor it is our fault, nor was it our will. It was fate that came from above. We have no choice but to accept this fate and to develop the abilities that fate has given us according to necessity and law.
http://research.calvin.edu/german-propa ... /gross.htm

A couple more links with Gross's thoughts on race:

A Radio Speech by Dr. Groß

http://research.calvin.edu/german-propa ... gross2.htm

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A Radio Speech by Dr. Groß

http://research.calvin.edu/german-propa ... gross3.htm

Racial science during school taught the youth to think that:
The fundamental reason for excluding foreign-raced groups from a people’s body is not discrimination or contempt, but rather the realization of otherness. Only through such thinking will the peoples again become healthy and able to respect each other.
http://research.calvin.edu/german-propa ... blehre.htm

Also, Hitler allegedly said in 1945:
I promise you I am quite free from all racial hatred. It is, in any case, undesirable that one race should mix with other races. Except for a few gratuitous successes, which I am prepared to admit, systematic cross-breeding has never produced good results. Its desire to remain racially pure is a proof of the vitality and good health of a race. Pride in one's own race -- and that does not imply contempt for other races -- is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.

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