Rebuilding Berlin?

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Rebuilding Berlin?

Post by headwest » 02 Nov 2018 18:01


I was wondering a few things about rebuilding Berlin after the war. I am coming at this question with little to no knowledge of the events so please forgive me if some of this is well known.

1) How soon after the surrender did an "official" plan come together for rebuilding berlin? was there an actual "plan" between the 4 zones? or was it haphazard just to clean up and get the city back on its feet?

2) I know some WW2 era buildings are still there, was this all based on damage? or was some of it based on what the buildings were during the regime?

3) how long did it take to really clear out the rubble, tear down dangerous buildings, and begin to rebuild?

4) when the wall went up did that disrupt rebuilding or were things pretty much done by then.

i have some more but i am really just curious if there was a centralized plan between the winning powers? and were Germans involved as well?


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