Schützenhaus and Schützenplatz

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Schützenhaus and Schützenplatz

Post by horst.weissenberger » 03 Dec 2018 09:57

I am currently reading a book about battle of Bautze 1945, there is a place called Schützenhaus located in Schützenplatz (city center of old bautzen town).
it is translate as "rifleman's club" and "rifleman's plaza" literally. I found there are quite many places called this name around germnay.
so my question is: what is the history background of this title? for any historical event or person?
thanks a lot \

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Re: Schützenhaus and Schützenplatz

Post by Helmut0815 » 03 Dec 2018 10:26

Well, every single village or city in Germany has at least one Schützenverein (marksmen's club), there are currently over 15,000 of this clubs in Germany. Although originating from late medieval town militia, the marksman's clubs have no military aspects and they have a more social than sporting purpose. Each Schützenverein organizes shooting events and is celebrating an annual Schützenfest (marksmen's festival) in the months between April and September.
German marksmen parade, source & article: ... /a-2111832

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