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Looking for a book and author

Post by Van Owen » 24 Feb 2020 01:28

It's been many, many years, but I was once at a local library and needing to kill time for a few hours, decided to browse through the collection, and managed to come across some books that were usually kept in their historical archives. One of these was an English translation of a book published in Germany in what I want to say was either the late 20s or early 1930s. It mostly dealt with WWI, and was very critical of German war and political effort, but it seemed that the author was expressing some viewpoints very reminiscent of those of the Nazis, but at the same time, nothing I read was typical of the foaming at the mouth kind of propaganda I typically associated with their propaganda. Not having had time to read the entire work, I most browsed through different chapters of it, the most fascinating of which were breakdowns of the author's opinion of the various enemies Germany had fought. I mostly recall some of what he had to say about the British and Americans. The British, he described as being both vile and underhanded, with there being no falsehood or depths to which they would not sink as the inventors of the "War of Lies" but also, once the war was won, the most magnanimous and forgiving of Germany's enemies. With regards to the Americans, he states the Kaiser was foolish to have went to war with them, for America constituted the largest concentration of German blood outside of Germany, and also I believe speaks of the US industrial capacity. I recalled the book as being a fascinating look at how the other side must of have viewed the allied nations, but would be interested in revisiting it if I could divine the title.

I did even manage to look up the author, using the more limited means and resources at the time, but wasn't able to find out much. Apparently, he did have ties to the Nazis, and I think his writings did assist him in being granted a teaching position at one of the German military academies, but I don't recall finding a lot more at the time. I get the impression he was considered to be something of an opportunistic hack, and wasn't hugely respected. Any ideas what the book I might have been reading was? I know this isn't a lot to go on, but it's been at least 15 or 20 years ago.

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