Looking for a book and author

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Looking for a book and author

Post by Van Owen » 24 Feb 2020 01:50

Trying to find a book I was able to read part of at a local library, but it's been 15-20 years, so I don't recall a great deal of the content of it. I do remember it was published in I want to say either the mid to late 1930s, by a German military officer, and it seemed to have some very sympathetic nazi viewpoints. The bulk of the work seemed to deal with WWI, and was very critical of the German war and political effort.

Not having had time to read the entire thing, I was only able to browse through select chapters, the most interesting of which deal with the various allied nations and gave the author's opinions of them. I recall his chapter on the British being the most interesting, because on one hand he derides them as being the most vicious and underhanded of liars, saying there there was untruth to which they would not stoop, calling them the inventors of the "War of Lies" but also saying that once the war was won, they were the most generous and forgiving of the victors. With the US, I mainly recall him lamenting the stupidity of the German political leadership inviting war with the nation that was the largest repository of Germany blood outside of Germany.

I did recall looking up the author at the time, with the more limited of resources available, but wasn't able to learn much. He was apparently apparently taught at one of the German military academies, but was considered to be something of a hack, and while his works did find favor with the party leadership, I don't think he was really considered a major literary figure in National Socialist literary circles.

I know this isn't very much to go on, but I'm hoping someone here will be familiar enough with the literature of the period to tell me what I might have been reading, and I'd be interested in potentially revisiting the work again, if I could find it.

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