History of the Eagles Nest - Full documentary about the "Project Kehlstein"

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History of the Eagles Nest - Full documentary about the "Project Kehlstein"

Post by BEGAFILM » 10 Mar 2020 21:02

Hello AHF,

today I have for you our newly digitized and re-edited documentary called "History of the Eagles Nest - Documentary about the Project Kehlstein"

Here is the link:

Newly discovered and partly previously unpublished footage of the construction of the Eagle's Nest and its road make this video the ultimate documentary about the "Project Kehlstein".
NEVER BEFORE there was such an extensive documentary about the development of the probably most daring building project of the III. Reich.
If you find anything comparable please let me know.

We are currently digitizing our complete archive from the 80s and 90s and want to make all our old material available to be viewed by everybody.
It includes interviews, bunker visits, lost material from the time of the occupation of Germany and many more interesting videos.
Most of the material is unpublished and has never been shown before.

However, since the digitalization is a lot of work, we would like to monetize our videos, also to purchase the equipment used for the different tapes and to pay for speakers etc. Therefore we need your subscription!
If you like our material, please leave a sub and consider supporting us on Patreon. It would really help us a lot!

Thank you very much and please enjoy watching,

BEGAFILM - History in Motion

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