The Government Buildings look and style

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The Government Buildings look and style

Post by headwest » 20 Aug 2021 13:55

Hi everyone

this is just my opinion, but i am always surprised at how, well ugly, and plain the Government buildings are that the regime built

I always find it ironic that Hitler purported to be into art and grandiose structures etc but all of the Government buildings look alot like communist era apartments, to me at least.

Does anyone know why this style was decided on? cost? practicality? etc

not a big deal at all, but they just look well plain, and drab to me.


Br. James
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Re: The Government Buildings look and style

Post by Br. James » 20 Aug 2021 22:29

I believe that Hitler's focus was to create monumental buildings that had the look of permanence, not the look of a political movement that had only come to life a few years ago. His initial and favorite architect was Prof. Paul Ludwig Troost, a Munich designer, and it was Troost who produced the designs for the NSDAP buildings on the Königsplatz and the House of German Art in Munich, among other projects. Troost tried to emulate the style of Bavarian King Ludwig I, who produced many building projects in and around Munich in the 19th century. Troost died very early, and Hitler then added Albert Speer to his stable of architects and designers, and Speer continued to produce buildings in the neoclassical style which Troost had chosen.

As we know, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and a number of the neoclassical buildings from the NSDAP era still exist and function throughout Germany. Cheers,

Br. James

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