The 1848 Revolution

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The 1848 Revolution

Post by Novelbro1 » 24 Jul 2023 20:01

What did the NSDAP, especially its ideological gurus and the general leadership, think of the German Revolution of 1848? Did they condemn it?

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Re: The 1848 Revolution

Post by lazycat1984 » 17 Oct 2023 22:39

There's bit in Mein Kampf when Hitler puts down the red/gold/black banner of this movement. Possibly more because Weimar identified with it than because of the contemporaneous ideology- it was, at heart a pan-Germanic monarchist friendly movement. There wasn't really a coherent 'revolution'. Just a lot of pressure from groups, both elite and common pushing agendas. A lot of Germans ended up in the US during this time as instability was rife.

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