Der Weg Zum Reich

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Der Weg Zum Reich

Post by table » 30 Sep 2023 13:02

I have a copy of Der Weg Zum Reich (The Road to the Reich). This copy has a stamp that references Klagenfurt.

The book does not appear to have a publication date, however it does contain a map of the state of the war in September 1941, so we can assume it was either published late in 1941 or 1942. I have read it was provided to members of the SS and Waffen SS; however I have not seen this claim from any reliable source.

I'm looking for reliable sources to try and answer the following questions:

1 - Was this book published in 1941 or 1942?
2 - How was this book distributed?

Any other general background information on this book would be appreciated.
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Re: Der Weg Zum Reich

Post by Biber » 30 Sep 2023 20:23

WorldCat indicates it was published in 1941. There seems also to have been another edition in 1942.

FYI a book of the same title attributed to the "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Schutzstaffel. Reichssicherheitshauptamt." was published in 1940

And yet another, though likely an entirely different book on NS education, was published in 1944. Seems to have been a popular title to use.

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