any "German Art Day" color photo??

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Post by periodichang » 07 Aug 2003 13:29

Sorry, i cannot ensure that all the photos taken in the same day. However , i can sure that all the color photos taken in the same function. :|

Mark Costa
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Post by Mark Costa » 07 Aug 2003 16:31

These photos were all taken during an entire weekend at the opening of the Haus Der Kunst in late July 1939. Hitler arrived on Friday evening in which he held a state dinner at the Fuhrerbau for Reichsleiters and Gauleiters etc. Saturday was the actual opening of the Museum with a large ceremony in the front of the building. On Sunday was the parade that included floats and people dressed in medievel costumes. It was on Sunday that Hitler wore his gold belt. That day in rained and in some other photos you can see the leaders doning their rain gear.

Mark Costa

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Post by Reader3000 » 08 Aug 2003 08:19

Amazing pictures! And how cute the chicks were. Especially the BDM girls next to the SS-Mann and the chick in the pink costume next to the NSDAP man.

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Women color pictures

Post by billi46 » 08 Aug 2003 09:53

Thanks for these great photos !

By the way, do you have more color pictures of women, especially the one whith the pink dress ?

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Re: any "German Art Day" color photo??

Post by Ryaninfarbe » 09 Aug 2003 21:06

Hello all. I began a thread a few months back that dealt with the film of this weekend in 1939. Can check out the great info here: ... ur+footage

I emailed International Historic Films recently and they said they had received many requests for the "Good Morning Mr. Hitler" documentary on DVD, and predicted it might be released soon. I'm holding my breath at ....

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