Consecration of flags

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Consecration of flags

Post by Metatron » 16 Dec 2003 01:28

What was the process involved in "consecrating" the flags w/the "Blood
flag" ?

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Helly Angel
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Post by Helly Angel » 16 Dec 2003 02:14

Well, their were formed in files and made the swear to loyalty to Hitler.

After that Hitler passed with the Blood Flag and after greets the man who had the other flag joined both flags.

In "Triumph of the Will" you can see the event.


I can´t remember the name of the official man who had the Blutfahne... Jakob what?

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Phil D.
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Post by Phil D. » 16 Dec 2003 02:22

The name of the man who had the Blutfahne was Jakob Grimminger, I think. Hope that helps Helly Angel!


Karl Schoepke
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Blut Fahne

Post by Karl Schoepke » 17 Dec 2003 06:48

For all of his importance at the time (1930s), Grimminger died obscure and penniless. Karl

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