Faith Movement of German Christians

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Faith Movement of German Christians

Post by Metatron » 21 Jan 2004 00:48

I heard that this organization was a kind of Nazi Religious Movement
It's foinder was a Joachim Hassenfelder
Anyone have info on it?

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Post by nondescript handle » 22 Jan 2004 05:14

The 'Glaubensbewegung der Deutschen Christen' was a very shortlived (1932-1934) movement of Nazis in the German lutherian churches. They broke up because they covered a broad spectum, from people just wanting to reorganise the lutherian churches into a single national one on one hand, to people wanting to get rid of everything remotely Jewish from the church on the other hand.
Their theological / organisational leaders were Reverent Dr. Friedrich von Bodelschwingh / Reverent Joachim Hossenfelder till Septenber 27, 1933 and Military Reverent Ludwig Müller / Dr. Christian Kinder after that.
The strictly radical successor of the 'Deutschen Christen' in the lutherian churches was the 'Nationalkirche'.

The Anti-Nazi movement in the lutherian church was the 'Pfarrernotbund' later called 'Bekennende Kirche', founded by Reverent Martin Niemöller.


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